Back-to-School Savings

While summer break might be a temporary escape, the impending return to school is just around the corner for students, faculty, staff, and parents alike. Young Finance 101 is here to guide you through the back-to-school hustle, ensuring you make the most of your preparations because, in our world, class is always in session!

To avoid overspending, start by crafting a meticulous shopping list that includes only the essentials. Resist the temptation of impulsive purchases by specifying quantities and, for added convenience, access your school’s website for a downloadable supplies list. Some stores also provide printed copies of local school lists.

When it comes to textbooks, there’s no need to splurge on brand new copies. Explore cost-effective options like gently used books, rentals, or digital downloads. Maximize your savings by reselling your textbooks at the end of the school year through various platforms, including Amazon.

Keep an eye out for penny deals offered by stores during back-to-school promotions. Be mindful of any transaction limits and, if necessary, enlist a friend or the kids to help with multiple purchases.

For budget-friendly options, consider a dollar store run. While you might not find the trendiest items, these stores offer practical supplies that get the job done. Get creative with paper textbook covers or repurpose brown paper grocery bags for a personalized touch.

Embrace the art of repurposing with DIY projects. Before rushing to buy new furniture or school supplies, consider revitalizing old items with a fresh coat of paint or creative touch. Chalk paint can be a game-changer in giving new life to old belongings.

For growing kids, explore thrift, consignment, and bargain stores for clothing. Save money by swapping clothes with friends, ensuring that those outgrown garments find a second home without costing a dime.

Invest in items built to last, like rolling backpacks that ease the burden of heavy books. Before shopping, take stock of what you already have to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Participating in extracurricular activities can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs. Shop for secondhand instruments and sports equipment, either through local stores or online platforms.

Maximize your savings during Tax-Free Weekend, a golden opportunity to stock up on school supplies without paying taxes. Be aware of your state’s policies and eligible items to make the most of this event.

Earn money while you shop by utilizing cashback platforms like Ebates. Sign up and enjoy the added bonus of $10 when you join. Stay informed about your favorite retailers’ deals by following them on social media or subscribing to email notifications.

Optimize your lunch expenses by packing meals instead of purchasing them at school. Shop in bulk at wholesale stores for cost-effective snacks and beverages.

As you embark on this new school year, Young Finance 101 wishes you a well-prepared and budget-savvy start. For more money-saving tips and tricks, subscribe to our email list.

Remember, class is always in session!